Reduce paperwork to a minimum, avoiding using countless spreadsheets. Use to administer and streamline your tax submissions, save time and simplify the work you have to do! Using this application to organize your data into one central database enables you to perform all the time consuming tasks involved in administering company tax with ease.



Why TaxBox Company Tax to save you Time & Money ?

  • Summary of IT14 and provisional returns diary
  • Allows you to note important events and set reminders
  • Stores complete history for each tax year
  • Can switch between tax years at the click of a button
  • Detailed records of tax payments & extensions
  • IRP6 Forms with submission details
  • Letters to client in connection with payment
  • Detailed information for the IT14 annual return
  • IT34 assessment
  • Queries, objections & letters to SARS and clients
  • Provisional payments
  • Diary with a timer to record the time spend working on a client’s file
  • Other important dates are recorded automatically
  • With processing a client’s tax you can record the date the return was captured and when submitted


This application is a database in which you can store all the necessary information on a company for tax submissions and returns.

  • Summary of IT14 and provisional returns diary.
  • Detailed records of tax payments.
  • IRP6 Forms.
  • Detailed information for the IT14 annual return.
  • IT34 assessment.