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One of the leading products, is an automated solution to analyse, plan, administer and prepare client’s tax the quick, accurate and easy way.Easy to use, client database application, saves valuable time in preparing client’s tax in advance prior to assessment.

All tax calculations with the applicable rules are built in.

is a database driven application to manage all your important client information, making client company information retrieval quick and easy. 

Keep track of registrations, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, & other reference numbers.

Built-in reminders of when CIPC Annual Returns fall due, and documents who Directors and/or Shareholders are.

For optimising your income into disposable cash, Salary structuring and Tax planning.

Record all your pay elements and see instantly what affect this has on your net take home pay. Record income details and deductions based on your pay frequency.

Summary breakdown for current and previous tax year(s). Includes 2017, 2018 & 2019 Tax Tables.


Is the DEAL SOFTWARE to prepare accurate, efficient and seamless company tax submissions

Reduce paperwork to a minimum, avoid using countless spreadsheets, for practical use to ADMINISTER and STREAMLINE COMPANY TAX SUBMISSIONS, saving time to simplify workload. Plan your TAX STRATEGY to prepare accurate, efficient and seamless submissions

TRACK and REPORT on Financial Data to provide TAX efficient operations

Calculate the unknown for: principle amount on a loan; regular payment; annual interest rates; term of a loan; last payment; remaining balances. Investment analysis: future maturity value of an investment; current investment required for future maturity; regular withdrawals from capital; retirement analysis and planning.

Present detailed printouts for yourself, clients, bankers and SARS.

A FREE tax calculator to view the effect of changes to the year on year tax parameters made by SARS. Enter income details and TaxComp instantly calculates the net pay results. No longer be unsure of what the new set of changes by SARS will do to your net pay.