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SecForms is a database driven application to manage all your important client information, making client company information retrieval quick and easy. Keeping track of registrations, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE & other reference numbers. What the registered address and other contact information is. Built-in reminders of when CIPC Annual Returns fall due. Documenting who the Directors and/or shareholders is.


The main screen displays all the information, which means you don't have to spend time searching for information.

SecForms makes you even more efficient as it eliminates the need to recapture information, this increases productivity and improves accuracy, it helps you to grow your practice by offering company Secretarial Services to your clients without adding to your own administration burden.


  • Provisional Company administration.
  • Share certificates.
  • Members interest certificates.
  • Professionally designed forms compliant with CIPC.
  • Keeping track of all submitted forms.

* Please note that this is a Windows-Based application and only works on Windows operating systems*

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