Salary Planner 2022

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Income elements include:

  • Basic salary
  • Overtime
  • Bonus
  • Other commission
  • Fringe benefits
  • Employer provided company vehicle value
  • Travel allowance
  • Employer medical contributions
  • Non-taxable income

Deduction elements include:

  • Employee medical contributions
  • Pension contributions
  • Retirement annuity contributions
  • Loan repayments
  • Fees/contributions/union/income protection.

All pay cycles:

  • Annual Income
  • Monthly Income
  • Fortnightly Income
  • Weekly Income

Additional Features:

  • PAYE on Bonus
  • Marginal and Effective tax rates
  • Under/Over utilisation of retirement fund deductions
  • Detailed rebates according age
  • Medical tax credits
  • Tax threshold indicator


Record all your pay elements and see instantly what affect this has on your net take home pay. Record income details and deductions based on your pay frequency.


Once all income and deduction details are recorded there is a view panel that shows: actual cash disposable income plus a summary breakdown for the current and previous tax year. This information is output to a neat report. This report can then be used to assist with any onward discussions and reviews if required.

  • Printed report for later reference and further discussion.
  • Current and previous tax years comparison with easy year switch over.
  • Change a pay element and instantly see the net effect.
  • Never have your income tax incorrect again.
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