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Online tax software built by professionals, for individuals

Not a tax expert? Need to know what SARS owes you or what you owe SARS?

Taxplanner Cloud Personal is a cloud based Income Tax calculator program – for individual taxpayers.

The program provides for complex calculations for income tax, based on income and allowed deductions as per Income Tax act.

It has never been easier to calculate how much you may get back or owe with our Taxplanner Cloud Personal – for Individuals program!

Find out how to maximise your deductions with a personalised report!

Some features include:

  • Built-in tax tables feature for variety of scenarios of income types and expense deductions variables
  • Income tax calculation for Salaried Employees with benefits and allowances:
  • Travel Allowance taxed at 20% or at 80%
  • Travel deductions (Vehicles Leases or Owned): Travel log book details entered to determine more accurate claim
  • Medical Aid provided for company and individual contributions as well as dependents and disabled dependents,
  • Retirement Annuity provided for company and individual contributions as well as previously disallowed and
  • Calculate Tax Refund / Liability well in advance, before filing season starts
  • Multiple access points - Users can access their accounts from several devices making remote working, never an issue
  • Real-time Calculation Results – Compute data effectively for maximizing income tax optimization. Easily update data with new information and get results immediately
  • Save Calculations - Save up to 5 x different tax calculations scenarios in the program
  • Print functionality also available in this program – PDF or Printer
  • Easy registration process – Register personal profile with email address, once registered, automated activation link will be sent via email. Confirm email address and receive immediate access
  • Pop-Up Buttons built in to assist user to provide calculator with correct information in correct field
  • Two financial years available in this program – Subscribe for 2022 & receive 2021 FREE!
  • Some calculation variables include:
  • Income
  • Travel Allowance
  • Allowances
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Deductions
  • Medical Aid:
  • Medical Aid Company Contributions
  • Medical Aid Taxpayer Contributions
  • Dependents
  • Dependents with disabilities
  • Other medical Expenses
  • Retirement:
  • Company Contributions
  • Taxpayer Contributions
  • Previously Disallowed
  • Travel Deduction:
  • Date Vehicle bought
  • Vehicle Value
  • Logbook (YES/NO)
  • Owner Type: (LEASED / OWNED)
  • Opening Km’s, Closing Km’s, Business Km’s and Running Costs

Additional Features:

  • Life time access to the financial year subscription paid – it does not expire
  • Support from a real human
  • Exercise different salary structures to ensure best tax optimization / outcome
  • Use program to double check that IRP5 details are correct



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