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Please find below, our newsletter for this period. For those of us in the Western Cape area, let’s hope our dams can hold out until the wet season!


See attached article on when SARS can legally transfer funds out of your bank account – a real possibility these days as businesses struggle to make headway in touch economic conditions.


The 2017 Annual Financial Statements season has kicked off, and Steve and his team will be preparing the AFS’s – please ensure you have completed stock takes and that Asset Registers are up to date. We will prepare Asset Registers, but as these are lengthy documents.We will be charging for this activity where we have to create new asset registers. Remember, this is a statutory requirement and Directors are responsible for ensuing these documents are in place and maintained.


New Training Workshops: 

We have introduced new courses in May, including an Introduction to Understanding Financial Statements, Imports & Exports Workshops – please contact us if you wish to attend at the discounted 20% less offered prices to Finsolve clients.


We launched our new, updated tax software in March, enabling taxpayers to calculate their taxes. We are in communication with SARS to have our software, TaxBox, made compatible to interface with e-filing, to allow easy filing of provisional and final tax returns. Will keep you informed of developments.

Estate planning 

Please attached article on the ramifications of passing away without a valid will.


Compromise & Deferments of Tax:

If you have any problems with outstanding Taxes to be paid to SARS, or are in arrears with any of your taxes please note, that we have a specialist who deals with these matters. If your require any assistance with regard to this situation, kindly contact us.



Content compiled by
Gavin Beretta – Financial Director
FinSolve – Registered Accountants,
Business Valuation and Tax Practitioners

May 2017