Biz Facility, founded in 2010, was founded to provide practical training interventions to small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals, to equip clients in managing their business’s and tax affairs more effectively.
Biz Facility provides both training and financial services to its clients.

Training Methods include Live Workshops, Online training videos and Self-study Notes.


Ultimate Tax & Accounting Training

Over many years of working in corporates and with business owners, across Africa and in South Africa, it is apparent that many individuals, who work with accounting data, are not equipped to use this information to their advantage. In fact, speaking to many professionals, the sole use of Financial Statements is for submission of their tax return, and in corporate South Africa, something that the “accountants” spew out!

Accounting is the language of business, and all persons involved in business, should have a basic understanding on what concepts Financial Statements are compiled, and how to use the information contained within these statements, to their advantage. This is especially true of business owners, and managers who are responsible for managing bottom line delivery.

Taxation – one of the two certainties of life (the other being death!), was intended as being simple and transparent in order that that an individual or corporation could with certainty, determine their tax liability.

To provide value adding skills and tools through superior training and engagement that enables our clients to become more financially skilled.

To provide Practical Skills & Tools to Small and Medium sized Businesses and individuals, in order to Effectively Utilise Accounting Data to manage their business or area of operation, and to effectively manage their tax obligations, both personally and professionally. Increasing your Profits and Cashflow is suddenly so much easier when you discover the financial health of your business.


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