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Q: How do I move my Taxplanner data to a new PC?
A: Backup current Taxplanner data. Order TaxPlanner from TaxBox. Install TaxPlanner  Register the new installation by clicking on the “Register Taxplanner” button. Restore the backed up Taxplanner data into the new Taxplanner program on the new PC. Uninstall version of Taxplanner on old PC.
Q: How do you install additional network licences on Taxplanner?
A: You need to open Taxplanner.Click on the menu link “Network & Database limits”.Select “Update Limit of Concurrent Network Users”.In the “Upgrade Taxplanner “  box, change the number of Licences you need.Click on “Print Form” and forward the registration form along with the proof of payment to info@finsolve.co.za. The registration process should be completed within 12 hours.
Q: Re-install steps for new, lost or stolen PCs and laptops?
A: Please note that there is a fee of R285.00 that applies for re-installation. Visit the TaxBox website and order the product you need to install.  After installation, click on “Registration” and completel in the form with all relevant details.  Click on “Print Form” and forward the registration form to info@finsolve.co.za. The registration process should be completed within 24 hours.
Q: How do I pull information in from 1 tax year to another in TaxPlanner?
A: Open the year version of Taxplanner you would like to import your data to. Click on “file” and the go to “Import Taxpayers from TaxPlanner 20xx”. Browse to the location of the data file of the previous TaxPlanner year. After data file has been selected, click ”Import”.  Click ”Yes” to automatically select the complete list of taxpayers or “No ” make your own selections. Click “OK” to confirm the import. After the progress bar completed, your data will be fully uploaded to your new version of TaxPlanner.
Q: How do I update my TaxPlanner application
A: Auto update:

  1. Find the shortcut for TaxPlanner on your desktop, or wherever you saved the shortcut.
  2. Right-click the shortcut and select “Run as administrator”, if a password is required, please enter the password or contact your system administrator for help.
  3. Once the application is running, select “Help” and click “Check web for updates”d. A window should pop-up requesting permission to check for an update, click yes.
  4. The update should now be downloaded and installed. When prompted, please click “yes” to close the program in order for the update to complete.

Manual update:

  1. To download the update installation, you can go to “Help” and click ” Visit the Taxbox update page”.
  2. Once the update page loaded, you can scroll to the Taxplanner section.
  3. Match the TaxPlanner package you have installed, and download the installation file.
  4. Once downloaded, run the installation in order to update your TaxPlanner.
  5. Please ensure you install to the same location as your current installation.

If you have TaxPlanner installed on a Server

The update procedure above need to be performed on the server by a user with administrator rights.
All instances of the application running need to be closed before running an update of TaxPlanner.

Q: On which platforms does taxbox software products run?
A: All taxbox products are Windows-Based and will only work on Windows operationg systems (Windows XP – Windows 10)