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Taxbox provides practical and easy to use software solutions to support many accountants, tax professionals and financial planners throughout South Africa.

One of the leading products, TaxPlanner is and automated solution to analyse, plan, administer and prepare client’s tax the quick, accurate and easy way.

This ideal, easy to use, client database application, saves valuable time in preparing client’s tax in advance and prior to assessment. All tax calculations with the applicable rules are built in.

Another widely used product, SecForms is a data driven application to manage all important client information, making client company information retrieval quick and easy.

It also keeps track of registrations, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE & other reference numbers, as well as what the registered address and other contact information is. It also has built-in reminders of when CIPC Annual Returns fall due, and documents who the Directors and/or shareholders are, this includes a comprehensive share register for easy company share administration.

Gavin Beretta

Gavin Beretta
Financial Director. Has over 30 years experience (local and international) in both medium and large organisations, in which he provided financial leadership to various management teams and served on a number of boards.

With strong experience in company valuations and operational finance, Gavin now manages financial and taxation services to business and professionals, both nationally and within the sub Sahara regions.

Gavin attends a number of client leadership team meetings to provide valued added services and financial coaching.

Gavin is a member of CSSA (Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa), SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Practitioners), and a licensed Independent Review Practitioner endorsed by SAIPA (South African Institute of Professional Accountants).

Gavin is member of the prestigious Institute of Market Technicians, an Association of professionals, based in the USA which provides technical analysis on equity pricing and trends.

Gary Garbutt
C.A.I.B. ( SA )
Head of Operations comes from a financial background with a formal qualification in estate planning and estate, trust and will administration having initially worked for various renowned Trust companies for 15 years.


Gary has over the last 25 years been involved in the running of various training businesses and is currently Head of Operations of the FinSolve Group. Biz Facility is the training wing of the group.