MoneyMatters goes far beyond any spreadsheet or other application on the market, where you can: check the interest you are paying on your overdraft; analyse and test investment quotations, projections and actual return on investments(ROI); adjustable rates during term; payment of a lump sum or increase a payment; compare rates to prime; load redemption planning; consolidate loan calculations; illustrate interest, capital and remaining balances.



Calculate the unknown for: principle amount on a loan; regular payment; annual interest rates; term of a loan; last payment; remaining balances.

Investment analysis: future maturity value of an investment; current investment required for future maturity; regular withdrawals from capital; retirement analysis and planning. Present detailed printouts for yourself, clients, bankers and SARS.

Ideally suited for Accountants, Financial Advisors, Estate Agents, Employers, Legal Advisors, Loan Agencies, just to name a few.


This is a very useful financial decision making tool.

  • Loan Calculations.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Investments and Depreciation.
  • Bank Interest Checker.
  • Income Tax Calculator.