Salary Planner

Did you know that by structuring your pay according to the right guidelines, there is a potential to increase your net pay? Do not delay the potential of possibly putting more money in your pocket. It only takes a few minutes to check your income with Salary Planner.


Record all your salary elements and see instantly what affect this has on your net take home salary. Record income details and deductions based on your pay frequency.

Income elements include: basic salary, overtime, commission, fringe benefits, travel allowance, bonus, non-taxable income, employer medical contributions, employer provided company vehicle value.

Deduction elements include: employee medical contributions, pension contributions, retirement annuity contributions, loan repayments, fees/contributions/union/income protection.

Once all income and deduction details are recorded, there is a view panel that shows actual cash disposable income plus a summary breakdown for the current and previous tax year. This information is output to a neat report via email. This report can then be used to assist with any onward discussions and reviews when required.

  • Information is kept, private, safe and secure and no information is stored or recorded.
  • Printed report for later reference and further discussion.
  • Current and previous tax year comparison.
  • “What if” analysis. Change a pay element and instantly see the net effect.
  • Never have your income tax incorrect again, calculator available 24/7!



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