TaxBox-Forms print error

Our TaxBox-Forms (QFormsDB) software started giving an "Exceptions" error, but it is due to the latest version of Adobe Reader. (ver. 11.0.07).

We are working on sorting this error.

You can do the following:

1.)    Go to the root folder of the forms, here is the instructions.

-Select the form that you want to print and click print.

-After the application gives error, close the application.

-Go to your desktop, right-click on the QFormsDB shortcut and select “Open file location”

-Open to the “Forms” folder and look for the form that you selected to print.

-There will be 2, open the one with (-FILLIDE) at the back ex. (CK2-FILLEDE).

-Client information will be filled, you can print it from here.


2.)    You can uninstall Adobe Reader and download the previous version (10.0.06)

-When installing the older version, there will be a “tick box” for automatic update, make sure it isn’t ticked.


We are working on resolving the error and we will notify all clients when the update is available.

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