When will SARS Audit you?

SARS will conduct an audit depending on a number of possible situations and conditions, below we have tried to explain in bullet form what might trigger their interest based on the information they provide on their website:

  • Verification of a taxpayers information is done by an automated risk engine with the least involvement of personal analysis.
  • Complexity of a taxpayers affairs.
  • A taxpayers behaviour.
  • After verifying additional information, SARS identify a material anomaly.
  • After following a strict workflow plan within the remit of the law, in addition to certain declarations, those that review a possible risk are not the ones that conduct the audit.

It is important to note other information about this process:

  • In a small number of cases SARS is given a reason to audit a taxpayer’s information.
  • The secrecy and confidentiality of taxpayers is always maintained and never compromised during this process.
  • The fairness of SARS is an obligation imposed by law and not by the Commissioner.

For a more detailed explanation please go to the following SARS website page -

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