Comprehensive tax administration for tax practitioners.

Analyse, plan, administer and prepare your clients tax the quick, accurate and easy way. The ideal, easy to use, client database application, saving you a fortune in time and money. Prepare your clients tax in advance prior to assessment. All tax calculations with the applicable rules built in. As you enter information, the calculations are done instantly and displayed on the screen, this powerful feature alone can save you hours providing "What If?" analysis.

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  • Income tax scenario planning.
  • Client income tax administration.
  • Prepare your client's tax in advance.
  • Shows you in detail how the calculation is done.


As the tax knowledge is built into the application you can click the I button and it shows you in detail how the calculation is done.

TaxPlanner makes you even more efficient as it eliminates the need to re-key information, this increases productivity and improves accuracy, it helps you to grow your practice without adding to your administration burden.

TaxPlanner Tips, How to on Company Owned Vehicles,  Medical Expenses, Lump Sum Benefits.


A system designed to provide a tax practitioner with a single toolset to handle the complete tax submission process.

  • Provisional Tax Payments IRP6.
  • Assets & Liabilities / All income & deductions.
  • Logged time against client file.
  • Professionally designed reports all coded for SARS eFiling.
  • Standard letters to SARS and client.

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