About Taxbox

Partners and Service Providers

Finsolve was established in 1987 as a result of the Personal Computer (PC) revolution. The first system written was built to run in Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS), for those who can recall that far back. Since then they have been providing tax professionals with computer solutions since then and pride themselves on remaining close to their loyal customer base, always maintaining a deep understanding of income tax and listening to the ever increasing needs for functionally rich products. Finsolve provides a number of PC based products designed to support the many hundreds of accountants and tax professionals throughout South Africa.

We are very pleased to be working with you Finsolve and thank them for their support.


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Biz Facility, founded in 2010, was founded to provide practical training interventions to small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals, to equip clients in managing their business’s and tax affairs more effectively.
Biz Facility provides both training and financial services to its clients.


Ultimate Tax & Accounting Training

Over many years of working in corporates and with business owners, across Africa and in South Africa, it is apparent that many individuals, who work with accounting data, are not equipped to use this information to their advantage. In fact, speaking to many professionals, the sole use of Financial Statements is for submission of their tax return, and in corporate South Africa, something that the “accountants” spew out!

Accounting is the language of business, and all persons involved in business, should have a basic understanding on what concepts Financial Statements are compiled, and how to use the information contained within these statements, to their advantage. This is especially true of business owners, and managers who are responsible for managing bottom line delivery.

Taxation – one of the two certainties of life (the other being death!), was intended as being simple and transparent in order that that an individual or corporation could with certainty, determine their tax liability.


The Company

Taxbox was incepted out of a need to provide people who pay income tax in South Africa, with the tools to make sure the income tax paid: is no more and no less than what is correct as per the guidelines issued by SARS. We looked at those companies that provide these services and chose Finsolve to “piggy back” off of their two decades of experience in this field. Their IT tax system experience gave us the right foundation to build the products now available for people to use. We decided to use an existing supplier of these services due to the complexities of calculating income tax accurately. Finsolve have established an impressive and loyal client base of tax practitioners as a result of providing systems that calculate tax correctly and accurately without the complexities normally found in this field of service.

We trust you will find these tools and systems useful in the line of work you need them for. This is just the start of the service offering we would like to provide and build on. If there is any further feedback you would like to provide, then we would like you to contact us and let us know.

When designing our tools and systems, we pay close attention to the following key areas or guiding principles:

  • Ease of use: - the system should be simple and easy to use requiring minimal or no initial start-up training. We used people with specific design training and experience to build the front-end side of our systems. Those who can code systems don’t necessarily understand how to create the best user experience. Our design team are experts in this field.
  • Knowledge and accuracy: - tax practitioners and customers need to rely on the accuracy of our calculations, this is where we have brought in the mathematic and tax skills of Finsolve and their systems and tax analysts. It is a testament to them that they have a long line of Tax Professionals using their systems who rely on the calculations being accurate and correct.
  • Rigorous project management and change process: - there is a specific process to be followed when rolling out a new system change and update. We make sure when updates to systems are implemented, they follow our strict software development life cycle before finally reaching our customers. This maintains the level of professionalism needed when dealing with matters relating to the tax people and institutions pay.